Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A King is crowned...

I got a call last week letting us know that Kingston's DOC Band had arrived early and so we scheduled for Monday (yesterday) to go to Austin to "crown" our little King.

The office is very inviting and the staff are great- so friendly and cheerful.  (FYI, Kingston's Nana was close by in this picture to be sure he wouldn't topple over!)

His specialist is such a kind lady, he loves smiling for her.  She has such a great way she handles the things she has to do to achieve what she needs done with him.  This is Kingston putting the crown on for the first time.  This is how she would know if she needed to trim any parts.

Then we waited a little bit while she trimmed up the DOC Band.  Kingston is definitely like his brothers!  I actually have a picture of Madden in a car like this and it's so incredible how much they favor each other!

We tried the DOC Band on once more and it needed a little bit more trimming, so we waited again.

We gave it another go and it fit great.  This is Kingston seeing his "friend" with his crown for the first time.

He really didn't mind much at first, but then again this little guy is one peaceful baby.  He's pretty much happy and smiley all the time.

My mother-in-law accompanied me on this trip, which was much appreciated.  We didn't have time for lunch, so in between the first appointment and the second we went to Chez Zee for some scrumptious food.  Kingston had a combination of new odd contraption on his head, hungry, teething, and tired- which led to a little fussiness.

It was our first time in public with the DOC Band on his head and I could already see the awkward glances and stares.  It was honestly a little hard to take at first, but I know that people are just curious (as I would be too.)  I was strong and kept a friendly smile on my face.  We know that he's ok and this is just temporary, so we will endure.

We had to go back to a "skin check" appointment after a couple of hours to make sure the crown wasn't applying too much pressure in certain areas and that the fit was ok.  The crown does cause his head to sweat, so we have to make sure to keep him cool.  We scheduled our next appointment and then headed to the mall! (Hey- we're from a small town, we jump at the chance for some shopping!)  We were instructed to do two days of "skin checks"- wearing the helmet for three to four hours at a time and then removing it to check for any red spots from pressure.  If we see anything, we leave the helmet off for an hour and if they go away we put the DOC Band back on and if they don't then we call the office.  After the first two days, if everything looks good, we then start the 23 hour a day wear.  During the hour that the crown is off we are to wash Kingston and also clean the crown.  We've done two skin checks already and everything is looking great.  He doesn't seem to mind very much.  I think I am having the harder time because there's hard plastic on the outside of his sweet fuzzy little head and I can't kiss his little head like I used to.  That makes me sad!! Thankfully it's only temporary, because not being able to do that is VERY hard for me.  I love that sweet little head!  

Hey, look!  I'm ready to ride!  Vrooom vrooooom!

Now we still are left to decide how we want to decorate his crown!  Do you have any ideas!!!???  Please feel free to comment if you do!  Again, thank you for following our journey and for the prayers.  Sweet Kingston is already on the road to a great shaped head (haha) and we're hoping time will just fly from here on....and then slow down once it's off!

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  1. This post is so sweet Sara! I LOVE the pics of him looking out the window, they are precious! Great angle too :-)
    This may sound strange, but I think this will be a positive thing for all of you, to know what it feels like to be "special" like some kids(& their parents)feel like their entire lives. To be able to say afterwards, since this is fortunately thank God temporary, that you can truly sympathize(or have empathy?) with those that experience being "special" every day of their lives. I cannot imagine the looks you are getting, but I know that you are a strong person and you will use it for the good since you are always so positive and kind to others. God will get the Glory! Keep the posts coming!
    - B