Thursday, March 8, 2012

Doing great!

I just thought I would do a quick post about how Kingston is doing with his DOC Band.  He is doing great!  He doesn't complain or even really notice it is there.  He is pretty cute when he takes it off, he scratches his head with his hand wondering, "Hmm, what is this thing? (his head)"  He sleeps well with the crown on, so no change there.  When his crown is off, I am constantly rubbing his fuzzy head and giving as many kisses as I can!
I have contacted a business that does vinyl wraps on DOC Bands in Austin and have emailed them design ideas for his helmet.  We have plans to have it decorated in two weeks and I am very much looking forward to the finished result.  The company is working up a custom design for us.  We are going to make it something that is fun for the bigger boys to enjoy and something that when Kingston is older he'll appreciate.  If he has to have some crazy looking contraption on his head, we might as well make it look cool!
I haven't taken many pictures lately because of how hectic things are lately, but here are a few pictures from Kingston's six month "photo shoot" which I am not liking how quickly things are going!  He'll be seven months in two days!!  Nooo!!