Saturday, May 19, 2012

All done!

We had our final appointment on Thursday and Kingston is now a Doc Band graduate!  They took his after pictures and we got to see the difference from the beginning and now.  We are very pleased with the results and we are so happy that his head shape looks great!  From the naked eye, the changes might not look like much but to us they are big changes- we have been looking at his head for the last six months in detail, so we are able to notice the little changes.  We got to take home his concrete mold of his head, which is neat because he'll always have his infant shaped/sized head to look at (ok...kind of weird too, but neat).

Waiting for the last time, we never had to wait long!

The left side is the day he first got the helmet and the right side is his last day with the helmet.

Had to get down to his diaper for all his pictures!

He always loved the red car!

Getting the 3D images taken.

Our little bank robber.  (joke)

I have a feeling he'll really dislike these pictures when he's older!!!

His "graduation" certificate!

Waiting one more time for a few more after pictures.

Getting his hair tamed down!  

I have to say that the staff at Cranial Technologies was amazing!  They were always friendly and very accommodating! They always had a cheerful attitude and were willing to help.  This made the trips a lot better for us.  I think other offices need to take some notes from them!

Here are the before and after pictures.  The computer generated pictures were snapped with my camera since we weren't able to get print outs.  The arrows are to help show the shape change.  As I said before, it might not look like a big change but to us it is!

His neck has grown (naturally) and the helmet has transitioned the main width of the head to a more normal appearance.

Before, the main width of the head was too forward.  The helmet helped to transition the main width to the back end of the head.  

This is where you can see good change.  Before, the back of the head had very little curve and was high up.  After, there is now a nice curve and roundness and his forehead is not as forward as it was.

These are the other set of before and after pictures (love my little goofy goober face!):

The biggest visible change is the back view, his right ear was transitioned up and now is more even with the left ear.

More views, these don't show much visible change- but we were trained to see where it did change.

Change!  As you can see, before, the head was high up and flat.  After, there is a beautiful curve and the right ear is placed nicely.

I'd like to note that there is NO such thing as a perfectly shaped head.  There will always be something not quite perfect, but we are so pleased with the end result and would recommend this process to anyone (baby) who might need it.  Wearing the helmet was super easy, he took to it quickly and it never bothered him.  He wore the helmet for three months, only taking it off during bath time or if he had a fever (and changing clothes of course!).  This is the end of Kingston's Crown journey and we are thankful for the experience.  

Here is a picture of Geetha, she worked with Kingston during the process and it was always a joy to see her.  Madden called her "MissGeet-ah" which when he said it is sounded like mosquito, it was cute.  We weren't able to see her for the last appointment, but we made sure to get a picture with her before we said good-bye!

Stay tuned, I have really been contemplating returning to blogging again.  It's a hard decision and I'm not completely sure if I will.  I love sharing things with others, but not everyone!  So...we'll see.  Thank you for coming along this process with us.  Blessings!