Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Almost there!

Well, it's been awhile since my last post!  I honestly do not have the time to sit down and blog at all these days!  I wanted to update since there finally has been progress on Kingston's Crown.  We  had to wait six weeks after the last time we went to check his head to get the DOC Band because if we got it in 2012 then our insurance would apply the amount to our deductible, which would be better for us in the long run.  We pay for it no matter what but since we had already met our deductible in 2011, we decided waiting just a little bit would be for the best.
We had his last appointment on February 9th and this was the appointment that they took the pictures of his head.  They put a panty hose-type thing on his head that made him look like a little bank robber.  He never even made a fuss!  He was happy and smiling, with a little flirting with the ladies, the whole time.  Pretty good for having something covering your entire face!  They took the pictures which will allow them the information to make his DOC Band.  We go back in two weeks and get his helmet fitted, they will show us how to put it on and off, how to clean it, and do a skin check to make sure it doesn't irritate his skin.  Then we will be on a three month journey of weekly trips to Austin and wearing the helmet 23 hours a day!
He will have to wear the crown for just a couple weeks longer since he is a little older than he was when we first began the process, only because the growth of a six month old is usually slower than the growth of a four month old.  We think he will do just fine wearing his crown and look forward to the end of this journey!
Here are the pictures they took at his first appointment, at four months old:

These aren't the most flattering of photos but they allow you to see the shape of his head.  You can see from the back view that his right ear is lower than his left and from the top view you can see how the head shape comes out toward the left and is flatter on the right side.  If he were to ever need glasses, which he most likely will (I'm almost blind!), the right ear being lower would affect the way the glasses fit.  The DOC Band will allow the ear to move up and cause the back of the head to have a more "normal" rounded shape.  So not only is DOC Band for cosmetic purpose, it will also serve a functional purpose as well.

Here are a few photos from Kingston's last visit.  I totally forgot my real camera, so thankfully I was able to capture a few moments with the iPhone!

Kingston getting ready to get his pictures taken!! So smiley!

The little bank robber!  This hose-thing allows the cameras to take accurate measurements.

The kind ladies taking the pictures.  He smiled the whole time!

I'd also like to let anyone know who comes across this blog that you are free to share it!  I am writing it in hopes that anyone who might be going through the same thing can have some kind of information from a parent's perspective.  Thank you for reading!

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